It's tough times for the news mags, with Americans' desire to get their information a week late fading by the day. Mindful of this, the weeklies are jostling to position themselves as "thought leaders" with "Web presence."

Hence, click-bait stories like this one from Time, subtitled "Why Are So Many Female Florida Teachers Sleeping with Students," in which the author theorizes that the Sunshine State's "sultry climate" may have something to do with this phenomenon.

Time magazine, you are doing it wrong. Anyone of the Internet knows that attempting to explain why Floridians do anything is much akin to attempting to explain why planes go down in the Bermuda triangle -- smarter people have tried, and it still remains a complete mystery.

Instead of asking questions that don't have any answers, Time would have been better served by sending their crack team of foreign correspondents to investigate if this trend of lady teachers boinking their young charges has also taken hold in equally nutso Germany.