Women ... beautiful women. Everywhere you go, from the office to the Web, there are beautiful women just waiting to be met. We sat down with Nick Savoy, President and Program Leader of Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method Corp.), the real-world system for average guys to succeed with beautiful women, and he gave us to get his top tips for picking up whatever kind of woman your heart and/or loins desire.

Barista at the Local Starbucks
Savoy: "A barista is the same general principle as shooter girl, waitress or hostess. When someone is working, you have to be quick. You really just want to get to a conversation as quickly as possible where you can find one area of shared interest. You both love sushi? Just happen to notice some sushi place is opening and suggest you guys grab lunch."

"Organize some minor group outing; she's not gonna want to go down this path too far with you at work where everybody notices. At happy hour or whatever you can start to see more of where she stands with you. If there's interest it's easy to stretch a night out, and every time you make a move you shake off people. If she's interested, she won't shake off. "

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Online Dater
"Quality is gonna be a little bit lower; it's much more of a needle in the haystack. A beautiful woman who's got lots of stuff going for her and an active social life is probably not on Match.com. The more niche-y the dating site the better your odds. On J-date, for example, you might meet an amazing Jewish woman who just doesn't find anyone she wants to date within her social circle."

Hottie at the Gym
"You can always break the ice with something functional like 'How many more sets do you have?' If you bump into each other over your workouts a couple of times, you can playfully accuse her of copying your routine or stalking you. Ideally you'd have your workouts end at the same time and ask her to grab something at the juice bar or across the street. You want to make it work right then."

Girl at the Bar

"Most beautiful women are not found alone, so approach a group containing a woman you're interested in and pretty quickly develop some attraction and basic touch. The difficult bit is after opening, you have to say something good to say next. It's the transitions that get you. The first thing you say is not that important -- what's important is the second thing you say."

Friend of a Friend on Facebook
"How much easier do you want the game to be? It's almost like a resume book you're dropping at their door. You're the guy with lots of friends and the photographs you have of yourself doing interesting stuff surrounded by cool people. You really do need to put in the work to establish a little bit of the presence on the site. You're controlling the impression you make through your page."