Having already shot his load with the eyeshadow and the blood drinking, Marilyn Manson's latest publicity stunt may be acting like a crazy person. Or, he may have in fact lost his mind.

In support of his new album, "The High End of Low," the usually articulate shock-rocker did a print interview with a BBC music writer in which he challenged the writer to a fight, pretended things were cell phones that were not cell phones and put forth a flurry of sexually charged non-sequiturs in between "weird fluttery whistling noises."

Sadly, there is no video of this awkward encounter. But, after the jump, we've compiled clips of other uncomfortable rock star interviews to feed your train-wreck jones.

"Whacked out of his mind" doesn't do proper justice to the behavior of Sly Stone during this 1970 interview with Dick Cavett.

This cringe-inducing, never-ending encounter between David Letterman and Madonna is legendary.

Liam Gallagher is hard enough to understand when he isn't chewing.

The Sex Pistols know bad words! (NSFW)

Either Sigur Ros doesn't understand English, or the interviewer offended the group with one too many Björk questions before they went on air.

Before "American Idol," Paula Abdul was a music superstar with such amazing range she was able to perform a duet with a cartoon cat.