Why is it that superpowers are always wasted on superheroes who are, among other things, completely made up?

OK, don't answer that question. Instead ponder what would be the supernatural ability most beneficial to your non-world-saving everyday life.

Once you've voted, check out the pros and cons of your choice after the jump. As an added bonus, we've used our mind-reading powers and included a simple explanation as to why you selected the superpower that you did.

Mind Reading
Pros: Financial negotiations. Job interviews. The ability to pick up random chicks without having to resort to negging, peacocking or genuine charisma.
Con: You would be constantly reminded of your most noticeable shortcomings and foibles. It could get pretty hard to leave the house.
Why you picked it: Confused by the opposite sex.

Pros: The locker rooms. The pranks. The being a fly on the wall anytime you wished you could have been a fly on the wall.
Cons: Would have to spend an awful lot of time and energy avoiding collisions, especially to the exposed groin area.
Why you picked it: You're up to no good.

Pros: The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line.
Con: Being revealed as a mutant freak for all to see. Sunburn. These days, you can get much of the desired flight effect on Google earth..
Why you picked it: Spending more time on your daily commute than you would like.

Super strength
Pros: Could be the only guy at the weight lifting competition with healthy testicles. Really good at opening jars. Bar-fight shark.
Cons: You will be used by friends and family as a pack animal. You will become an extremely dangerous sexual partner.
Why you picked it: Get revenge on childhood bullies.

Pros: Rarely have to leave your favorite chair. Not only can you make your boss's death look like an accident, but you can make it really goofy, like a falling piano.
Cons: Muscle atrophy. Everyone you get close to will eventually think they've gone mad.
Why you picked it: You're hopelessly lazy.

Agree? Disagree? Want to comment on any of the super powers we didn't mention? Have a tale about your own real-life experience with a super power that you'd like to share? Let us know.