In pursuit of the latest in all things sexual, we read enough weird sex news to uncover some recurring themes, whether it's men humping inanimate objects or naked protesters. One thing we've noticed during our time in the field is that strip clubs are dangerous. It seems like every few months, the combination of alcohol and extremely tall, pointy shoes results in somebody getting hurt.

In the latest example, a patron named Michael Ireland is suing the Cheetah strip club in West Palm Beach, Fla., over a September 2008 incident in which he alleges that Sakeena "Suki" Shagee caused permanent injuries by kicking him in the head.

According to Ireland, the attack was entirely unprovoked. According to management, he "violently" slapped Suki on the butt, then came back in for a few post-kick beers.

In March 2008, securities trader Stephen Chang sued the Hot Lap Dance Club in Manhattan when a dancer hit him in the eye with the heel of her shoe while giving him a lap dance. The best part? He's married and went ahead with the highly publicized lawsuit anyway. Lucky lady!

But strip clubs are even more dangerous for the women who work in them! Besides the chronic knee and joint pain, there's also the risk of injuring yourself like Angela Hobson, who herniated a disk in her cervical spine while twirling on the pole in 2001. The Indiana Workers' Compensation Board awarded her $10,400.

In January 2008, exotic dancer and porn star Lisa Lewis sued the Melbourne Sexpo after she fell and broke her nose due to an allegedly faulty pole. The dancer had previously been ejected from the event for being "too raunchy" during her dance.

In 2003, an Australian exotic dancer was awarded $20,000 after falling from a faulty apparatus to the concrete floor at the men's club Showgirls Bar 20. The 19-year-old was hospitalized for six days with a crushed ankle and three fractures to her leg.

35-year-old Charles Privette sought $15,000 in damages from The Booby Trap in June 2008 when a performer's shoe flew off during a pole dance and shattered the mirrored ceiling. Glass and the flying shoe resulted in a cut to his eyebrow.