These days we're inundated with celebs plugging everything from digital cameras (is Ashton Kutcher uploading his CoolPix to Twitter?) to frozen foods. (If we see that Julia Louis-Dreyfus Healthy Choice ad one more time, it's all Arby's from now on.) But there have been numerous celebrity commercials that roused us from our TV-induced stupor and had us clapping our Cheetos-stained hands in appreciation.

These are the funny, sexy or just plain bizarre celebrity ads that had us considering the enthusiastic purchase of a Coke, GPS system or whatever else the star was shilling. They give selling out a good name.

10. Mr. T, 1-800-Collect
Whether as a "World of Warcraft" elf or a Snickers-cannon-firing bully, the man formerly known as Laurence Turead is no stranger to the art of the shill. But our favorite T-spot has to be his appearance in the C-list celeb-friendly 1-800-Collect series. (See, kids, at one time you actually had to find a pay phone, dial a series of numbers and wait for an operator in order to make a call.) There's something inherently wonderful about Mr T. being buried up to his neck in the sand by some mischievous kids. You know a pitying's coming, and it won't be pretty.

Check out Mr. T's T-riffic video, along with the rest of our fave celeb sell-outs, after the jump

9. Batman for OnStar
The years leading up to "Batman Begins" were difficult for Batman fans, particularly after the torrent of ice puns and Bat-nipples that was "Batman and Robin." But the wait was made somewhat bearable by a series of dark, action-packed OnStar ads featuring a Batman familiar to fans of the Tim Burton oeuvre. Incorporating sets and costumes from every movie (and the original Alfred, Michael Gough), the ads brought back the Bat-summer of 1989 and made us favor OnStar over TomTom, Garmin and other GPS units with catchy two-syllable names.

8. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, McDonald's
Michael Jordan was so beloved in 1993, he probably could've drowned a kitten on live television and gotten away with it. Meanwhile Larry Bird was, well, Larry Bird. But the two b-ball greats proved an amusing combo, playing an absurd game of horse and popularizing the soon-to-be-overused catchphrase "nothing but net." Though considering they could shoot off a skyscraper, shouldn't they play for something a little better than a Big Mac? An Arch Deluxe, perhaps?

7. Michael J. Fox for Diet Pepsi
Michael J. Fox made a number of memorable spots for Pepsi during the '80s, but it was this 1987 Super Bowl ad -- made at the height of the young actor's "Back to the Future" and "Teen Wolf" fame -- that we'll always love. A tour-de-force of comedic timing and stuntwork, the spot finds Fox leaping over speeding cars in the rain to score a Diet Pepsi for a hot blonde (played by a young Gail O'Grady of "NYPD Blue" fame). But then her roommate "Dani" shows up and the trouble begins anew. Charm, thy name is Michael J. Fox.

6. William Shatner, Commodore Vic-20
If you were a computer nerd in the early '80s, Shatner beaming in and telling you to buy a Commodore was akin to Jesus turning water into wine. This ad is a perfect storm of geek: dated special effects, game-play footage ("Coming soon, Gorf!") and once-cutting-edge tech (a real keyboard!). Add an "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" manual, a can of Tab, Rush's "Signals" and a severe case of acne for the ultimate '80s lonely Friday night.