Sick of all the overly waxed pretty boys on shows like "The Bachelor"? Well, a most hirsute alternative may be coming soon, as a reality show called "Wolfboy: Divorced and Looking for Love" has been slated for production.

31-year-old Larry Ramos Gomez suffers from an extreme, full-body form of hypertrichosis, or excessive hairiness, that is so rare it has only been diagnosed 50 times since the Middle Ages. The show will be about Gomez's quest to find a woman who can see beyond his unique appearance. (Or perhaps love him for it.)

Gomez works in a Mexican circus, but as a daredevil acrobat, not simply a freak. He also has a son who doesn't have his condition.

So Gomez has a cool job and has had sex at least once. The guy is already more of a catch than your typical contestant on "Beauty and the Geek."