The size debate is so overdone. Some think bigger is better, while others claim it's the motion of the ocean. For one second, can we just take the dimensions of a man's executive board member out of the discussion, and all agree that some tiny stuff rules?

If you need help, check out our rundown of miniature marvels, from the delicious to the dangerous.

This list has something for everyone, but obviously caters more to leprechauns, gnomes and women attracted to jockeys. (We're convinced all three of you exist.)

Mini Stuff That Rocks

    Replica Fender Telecaster Pretend to play like a tiny Jimmy Page with this Fender replica. With a real wood neck and die-cast body, this mighty ax is a 1:3 scale model, and since it's for display purposes only, you'll never have to change the strings.

    African Dwarf Crocodiles They only make it to five feet long, but they're just as aggressive as their bigger cousins, and are likely the species hanging out in the New York sewer system. They subsist on a diet of crustaceans, larger vertebrates and of course, babies. You can purchase one as a pet, too, if you aren't worried about violating local laws and good sense.

    Subeo Submersible Subeo has launched the Gemini, a three-person submarine vessel that would make for a perfect date with your lady friend and her chaperone. At close to $1 million per boat, this is the new yacht. However, its highest speed is seven knots, so drugs dealers should know they're not going to outrun the Coast Guard.

    Gem-Encrusted Matchbox Car This blinged-out mini muscle car is a $140,000 wonder toy with an 18-karat white-gold body. There are 2,700 jewels on the car at a weight of nearly 23-karats, including rubies and black diamonds. It was auctioned off for charity, so the owner should feel good about spending that much on a Matchbox.

    Sliders White Castle was once the only game in town for mini hamburgers, but sliders have caught on. There's something about devouring a bunch of tiny burgers that makes you feel like you have a legitimate shot at taking on Joey Chestnut.

    Pocket Size Guitar Hero Activision and Basic Fun announced this mini Guitar Hero at the 2008 Toy Fair. It's only $15, and the guitar body includes a carabiner clip so you can hang it off your backpack when you're giving your chops a rest. The neck folds down for extra portability, something real Guitar Heroes (except maybe Pete Townshend) cannot do.

    Manhattan Traveling Bar This looks like a briefcase, but smells like a bar. Manhattan Traveling Bar will make you the life of any party, or at the very least, its chief drink mixer. The kit includes two martini glasses, a shaker, a jigger and a false wall to hide two bottles of hooch and your drinking problem ($115).

    Nano Ferrari If you can't fit the mini Spyder into your budget, go for a Nano Ferrari for $25. It's three inches long and designed at 1:58 scale, which sadly does not mean a real Ferrari costs $1,275.

    Pocket Rocket Minibike Fast? Check. Cheap? Check. Out of control? Check. You can get a Pocket Rocket minibike for $169, which is a great deal, since you don't have to buy insurance (since nobody will sell it to you). It's gas-powered and goes up to 47 mph. The two-foot terror is lightweight, not street legal, and can accommodate riders up to six feet tall, provided they're willing to taste their kneepads.

    Cobb Premier Portable BBQ Grill Even though it's called a grill, Cobb wants you to think of it as a lightweight cooking system. At 9 lbs (without charcoal or filet mignon), this mini grill could fit comfortably on the tailgate with plenty of room for a keg and some cheerleaders. Just what you need to grill all the smaller animals ($100).