Fifteen years ago today, O.J. Simpson decided not to honor the agreement he had made to turn himself in for the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Instead, he grabbed a loaded gun, hopped in a white Ford Bronco, and had his friend A.C. Cowlings take him on a 50-minute low-speed ride around Los Angeles, with the police in lukewarm pursuit.

For many of the 95 million television viewers who watched the surreal spectacle slowly unfold, O.J.'s bizarre behavior was all the evidence they needed to conclude the Juice was, in fact, guilty of the heinous crimes for which he stood charged -- an opinion that stuck with the overwhelming majority of the public even after Simpson was acquitted of the murders.

After the jump, in (dis)honor of O.J.'s telling moment, we've rounded up some other instances in which a celebrity's words or actions pretty much removed any doubt from the "Did he do it?" question.

Sammy Sosa forgot how to speak English.

If it wasn't suspicious enough that the Sammy Sosa who testified at the congressional steroid hearings was about half the size as the Sammy Sosa who hit over 60 home runs three times, the Dominican slugger also conveniently lost his ability to speak English when questioned about PEDs. Oddly, this lack of second-language skills was not evident earlier this month, when Sosa made a fairly sophisticated English-only argument as to why he should still be elected to the Hall of Fame despite his wordless steroid admission.

Slick Willie lawyered the word is.

As the Monica Lewinsky scandal unfolded, Bill Clinton continued to tell reporters -- and his staff -- that there is nothing going on between him and his former intern. Of course, that's different than saying there was no improper contact. This deceptive slight of tense came to a head when Clinton admitted to a grand jury that whether or not he had been lying about the nature of his relationship with Lewinsky "depends on what the meaning of the word is is" -- a rationalization which instantly removed any doubt that the Horn Dog in Chief was both guilty of adultery and not having a traditional relationship with the truth.

Eddie Murphy implicated himself in a steady stream of tranny-hooker hook-ups.

First Eddie Murphy decided to explain away being pulled over by police with a transsexual hooker in his passenger seat by claiming he was simply giving the gender-bender a ride. Then the funnyman declared to an incredulous press that it isn't at all unusual for him to generously ferry random hookers about town. We continue to hope that Murphy will double-down on his ridiculous explanation by following up "Daddy Day Care" with "Tranny Taxi Service."

Phil Spector literally wigged out.

Without anything like a traditional motive, the prosecutors in the Phil Spector murder trial had to convince the jury (and the public) that the legendary producer killed Lana Clarkson in cold blood because he was an out-of-control gun nut who had lost touch with reality. This would usually be a tricky task, but it was made a lot easier when Specter showed up in court sporting a series of ridiculous wigs -- blatantly advertising his permanent separation from reality for all to see.

Can you think of any other blatant and infamous episodes of self-incrimination? Let us know in the comments.

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