When Mexican officials discovered almost a ton of cocaine inside a shipment of frozen sharks, it was hard not to feel a tinge of respect for creative drug smugglers everywhere. What ingenuity!

But if you think stuffing cocaine down the gullet of a man-eating shark is the most creative way to smuggle drugs, well, you're obviously not a drug smuggler. The following people are:

A group of Colombian smugglers was busted surgically implanting bags of heroin into cute little puppies.

African smugglers attempted to get cocaine into Namibia by lightly spreading it over human hair extensions.

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Eastern European gangs are lacing Plexiglass with liquid cocaine and then building DVD cases, fish tanks and car lights out of it. How they retrieve it from there, we do not know.

A Texas man was found making Pringles-like chips out of cocaine then putting them in actual Pringles cans.

A 66-year-old Chilean man with a broken leg made a cocaine cast and attempted to wear it onto a plane.

A little old grandma got caught stuffing garden gnomes with weed.

The best part about this list? If these are the people who got caught, imagine the creativity of those who got away with it.