Some days it seems as though Meghan McCain's boobs get more attention what's in between the ears of the Daily Beast blogger, children's book author and Twitter superstar. Meghan McCain sent this tweet last night about a close encounter with a reporter's tape recorder: - I was just sent this pic, it looks like the reporter is trying to get a quote from my boobs about 5 hours ago from TwitPic

This, naturally, begs the question of what such a quote would sound like. Here are our guesses:

The left one: "We've got to support marriage equality and end 'Don't ask/Don't tell.'"

The right one: "I wish I had fingers so I could hold a gun."

Both: "Laura Ingraham and Paul Begala can kiss our ass!"

Feel free to leave your best guesses in the comments.

UPDATE: Megan McCain responds, her boobs remain silent.

@charmer1 "Whose the boob now."

@jeffespo "As you can clearly see the Twins should have been allowed to vote separately. Now stop staring."

@jeddeuce Photo Caption: "My Daddy say's I'M the Breast!"

and @Asylumdotcom's favorite: @eshagnasty "Unlike Cheney, we like bi-partisan cooperation. We won't let the Dicks of the world come between us. #megahnmccainsboobs"

Additional gems came from comments on

Reader Mark wrote: "And I got a little tipsy at the after-party and yelled 'Teabag these h8ers!!'"

Dr. Abraham J. Froman commented: "Clearly, Ms. McCain's lovely breasts tell us that there is a God, and that he looks down kindly upon people of Mustached American descent who will settle for no less than a D-cup."

Paul Snively wrote "Left: 'Criticize the GOP from the left!' Right: 'Criticize the GOP from the right!' Cleavage: 'It's good to be in the middle!'"

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