When we first saw this new Burger King ad (left) we thought, "Wow, 7 inches of pure beef! Sounds delicious and completely innocent!" But now that we've taken a closer look, it seems like the usually upstanding folks at Burger King -- in Singapore, we should add -- might be trying to imply something unwholesome here.

We certainly don't want to make untoward accusations, however. Maybe the combination of the blow-up-doll blonde with parted lips, the lasciviously named sandwich and the headline "It'll blow your mind away" are just a coincidence.

After the jump, see more racy ads that caught our attention.

Racy Ads

    Thanks to PETA's efforts, gratuitous celebrity nudity and animal activism now go together like bacon and eggs.


    Is this some sort of post-feminist feminism? Exploitation maybe? Or just a nice brassiere-enhanced rack? While gawking, we forgot the questions.


    Anyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet knows that when it comes to advertising, American Apparel brought the sexy early and keeps bringing it often. This one features porn star Lauren Phoenix showing Web surfers everywhere the proper way to rock tube socks.

    American Apparel


    Sexy Advertisements

    Due to heavy airbrushing, these rumps are about at as real as the drawn-in butterflies. But wouldn't it be nice?

    Fashion rat

    This promo poster, currently blanketing subway stations and bus stops of major cities everywhere, cheats by bragging about just how racy it is. But it does make you want to check out the show.


    Controversy-courting Web hosting service Go Daddy lampooned the nipple-gate backlash in this top-heavy Super Bowl spot.


    In perhaps the strangest ad to ever titillate, this TV spot for a Canadian convenience store has two scantily clad lesbians making out at the base of a tree. The tree then interrupts their heavy petting, so they call it a pervert, before hacking it with axes until it spews orange juice into a cup. (We can't make this stuff up.)


    We would like to visit the country which considers this part of flirting.

    Sexy Advertisements

    Two buxom and pugnacious beer drinkers try to settle Miller Lite's "tastes great, less filling" debate in this classic TV spot. It contains the male holy trinity of booze, boobs and violence.

    Miller Lite