Wedding tradition has it that the Best Man says a few kind words about the bride and groom on the occasion of their matrimony. He's expected to be eloquent, heartfelt and funny. But the combination of nerves and an open bar can lead to some painfully uncomfortable moments. As wedding season kicks into high gear, Asylum would like to propose a toast to the worst Best Man speeches of all time.

After the jump, check out some wedding-ruining Best Man speeches.

The Nervous Nelly
It's hard not to feel for this poor sap, whose sweaty nervousness is palpable through the monitor. But it's even harder not to laugh at what is undoubtedly one of the worst Best Man speeches of all time. Cheers!

The Toastmaster

A groom chooses his Best Man based on friendship or brotherhood, not on public-speaking skills. That means that guys who have no business talking in front of a crowd are forced to get on a microphone, as in this clip in which the groom's brother admits he's bombing mid-speech.

The Family Planner

Here's a tip for prospective Best Men: Be humorous, be a little racy if you want to, but whatever you do, don't mention abortion. This sloshed brother starts off with a decent premise, then brings things to an abrupt halt at around 2:40 with an ill-advised joke about unwanted pregnancy. Comedy gold!

The Flashdancer

This Best Man speech is unforgettable, but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of fondly remembering the bride and groom on their special day, friends and family members will forever be haunted by the image of this hairy white goofball in a g-string.

The Comedian

Everyone appreciates a funny Best Man speech -- except the bride. Watch this newlywed recoil as the Best Man tells jokes like he's a Borscht Belt comic at a roast. (Click the image to view the video in a new window.)

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