Dropping three Gs on just any surfboard probably shouldn't trump purchases like food, rent and sunblock. We'd also like to point out that for the same price you could purchase 10 regular boards and not feel too bummed when it gets snapped by a particularly harsh wave.

That being said, Alfred Dunhill, the men's luxury outfitter of clothing and gear, is producing high-end surfboards in conjunction with boardmaker Pukas. They're 9-foot, polyurethane foam constructions, featuring blinged-out dogs.

Only 10 of these boards will be produced so if you feel like you need one with a bulldog logo to scare off the sharks, you can pick one up at the Alfred Dunhill stores in London, Tokyo or Shanghai. Meanwhile, you can also get a matching pair of teak and carbon fiber skis by Dunhill for the snowy season for only $2,000. [via Luxist]