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Anna Kournikova got into a fight with a woman at a nightclub in Vegas. (The Blemish)

New shots of Megan Fox bloodied and in a cheerleader outfit from "Jennifer's Body" have surfaced. (Unreality Mag)

Farrah Fawcett was laid to rest in a ceremony in Los Angeles. (Radar Online)

Isabel Lucas looks to be eclipsing Megan Fox in the "hot girl who has only starred in a 'Transformers' movie" category. (Daily Fill)

The trailer for "Robogeisha" features a guy getting stabbed in the eyes with fried shrimp. That's crazy even by crazy Japanese film standards. NSFW (FilmDrunk)

This clip from the "maximum movie mode" of the "Watchmen" Blu-ray suggests that commentary tracks may have gone too far into the realm of nerd lecture. (Screen Junkies)

Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin threw himself a wild birthday party with women dressed like Playboy Bunnies. (With Leather)

The trailer for "The Informant" features Matt Damon sporting an incredible mustache. (/Film) [Check out the trailer, after the jump.]

Use this handy flowchart to determine which summer movie is for you. If it's "The Proposal," you might want to stay in this season. (Holy Taco)

Here's proof that Michael Jackson was king of the nerds: He hung out with E.T. (UGO)