The King of Pop's videos are rightly acclaimed for their compelling stories, groundbreaking choreography and eye-popping special effects. But Jackson gets less credit for his eye for video babes. Throughout the '80s and '90s, Michael enlisted a bevy of video vixens, from the famous (Naomi Campbell) to the unknown ("Thriller" scream queen Ola Ray).

In honor of the formerly Gloved One's contribution to music videos, here's our look at the top 10 babes of Michael Jackson videos, after the jump.

10. LaToya Jackson, "Say Say Say"
The video for Michael's second duet with Paul McCartney is a testament to the days when big stars would get together and have a grand ol' time. Michael, Paul and Linda McCartney play traveling con men flim-flamming suckers with their "wonder potion." LaToya pops up towards the end in an old-timey saloon for Michael to creepily flirt with. Thankfully she doesn't join Michael's motley crew, but he does give her flowers in the end. This is one time the Jackson family nepotism went way too far.

9. Lisa Marie Presley, "You Are Not Alone"
Remember when Michael was married to Lisa Marie Presley? No? Well, it happened. Anyway, they were so intent on proving their love was real that they posed naked in some weird Coliseum thing for what is easily the sappiest song on "HIStory." (They were totally into each other, you guys.) It's impossible to listen to this song now and not think of half-naked Michael (God rest his soul) frolicking with Elvis's daughter in a computer-generated temple.

8. Tatiana Thumbtzen, "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Michael shed his nice-guy image with this clip, attempting to woo a long-legged beauty mostly by thrusting his crotch in her general direction. Viewed now, the video's more than a tad creepy, with the comely Thumbtzen basically being stalked by Michael and a gang of street toughs. But Michael gets the girl in the end, scoring one of his few music-video embraces.

7. Tyra Banks, "Black or White"

Jackson's "Black or White" was a globe-spanning epic featuring cutting-edge special effects, Macaulay Culkin cameos and copious crotch grabs. (A controversial longer version with Jackson smashing a car, fondling himself, and turning into a panther is rarely seen today.) Buried in the famous face-morph scene is an adorably fresh-faced Tyra Banks, who starts out as a fat guy and eventually transforms into a foxy redhead. Now whatever happened to the cute curly-haired gal at the end?

6. Jasmine Guy and Rosanna Arquette (and more), "Liberian Girl"
Michael called in all of his Hollywood pals (everyone from Quincy Jones to Debbie Gibson) for this final single off of "Bad." The clip features a parade of People's hottest stars of 1987 -- Dan Aykroyd and Steve Guttenberg ride around on motorcycles; John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John stage a mini-"Grease" reunion; Whoopi Goldberg pitches Carl Weathers on an "Action Jackson"/"Jumpin' Jack Flash" crossover; Suzanne Somers goofs around with Bubbles. But the video is also a time capsule of '80s hotties, showcasing sexpots Arquette, Guy, Beverly Johnson and Brigitte Nielsen in their heyday. (Unsurprisingly, Michael dedicated the video to his "Liberian Girl," Elizabeth Taylor.)

The Top 5 Babes From Michael Jackson Videos