Inspired by nothing more than a visit to the local aquarium, we've decided it's time for a face-off between the two most entertaining of all animals. One rules the land, the other the sea. Both make us laugh with their delightful high jinks. But there can be only one winner.

Check out the case for each after the jump.

Sea otters are like the big fat party animals of the sea. You know, the crazy dude who comes to your party and jumps in the pool with his sweater on and then does the backstroke all night while eating clams off his chest? OK, maybe you don't know that dude, but don't you wish you did? Sea otter is taking it easy, man!

On the other hand, monkeys have long been established as the most hilarious of all animals, and there are much funnier videos of monkeys on YouTube. Plus, there are many different kinds of monkeys, so if you get tired of checking out Mr. Chimp's adorable antics, you can watch a smoking gorilla or something instead and it's all new again.

Sea Otter Exhibit A:

Monkey Exhibit A: