Sorry, it's just Roman numerals, but we got your attention. Now the Walkman -- what Sony billed at the time as the smallest music player ever -- is entering middle age, and befitting a 30-year-old, it's a giant sagging lardass compared to the iPod Nano.

Of course, our favorite case mod ever was a bright yellow Walkman that was turned into an iPod holder called the Retropod. In celebration of the event, Crunchgear forced an intern to swap his iPod for a Walkman. Hilarity ensued.

If you want to get reacquainted with the aging legend of a brand, you can buy a new Walkman X. Instead of cassettes, it has 32 GB of storage, WiFi and a touchscreen interface ($400).

See a lovely '80s Walkman commercial after the jump, complete with Flashdance-inspired dancer and classical music by Casio.