If Johnny Depp chooses to play you in a biopic, you pretty much have a cult-figure certificate of cool. The actor has selected roles that complement his own formidable mystique, like idiosyncratic director Ed Wood, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and hippie-ish cocaine smuggler George Jung. Add to that list John Dillinger, the infamous Great Depression-era criminal and folk hero whom Depp depicts in the new Michael Mann flick "Public Enemies."

Dillinger was known for his panache, which helped him stand out even in an era filled with glamorous gangster icons. The Indianapolis-born crim's reputation was borne out of audacious plots (including supposedly once turning over a bank while pretending to film a robbery scene for an imaginary movie) and a swaggering fearlessness in the face of a massive FBI manhunt.

As evidenced by this photo, Dillinger's suave sense of style -- even under arrest -- couldn't have hindered his bid for popular notoriety and eventual Depp-stamped celluloid immortality. Check out how to score Dillinger-esque gear, after the jump.

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