Not only did Roger Federer's epic four-hour, 14-minute, five-set Wimbledon victory over a gallant Andy Roddick yesterday ruin holiday-weekend brunch plans all over America, but it gave him 15 major championships, breaking the record he had shared with Pete Sampras.

In addition, the Swiss tennis star passed his good buddy Tiger Woods, who has 14 major wins in the other country-club sport. As if to remind everyone he's still around, Woods also kissed trophy on Sunday, setting himself up as the favorite to win the British Open in two weeks and catch right back up with Federer in majors won.

Unrivaled in their respective sports, it is only natural that Woods and Federer are pitted against each in discussions of athletic immortality. As Federer's grueling Wimbledon final displayed, golf and tennis require very different skill sets, meaning we will probably never be sure which one is greater. But that shouldn't stop anyone from having an opinion.