Turns out that chimpanzees, in addition to being the world's most hilarious animals, are also pretty crafty. Over the weekend, the Chester Zoo in England had to be evacuated after 30 chimps found a way to break free of their cage and escape.

Sarah Jones was visiting the zoo with her husband and two children when the chaos ensued. "We heard the chimps making a terribly loud noise," she said. "I have never heard anything like it before -- it was a really vicious noise and sounded horrible. We could see lots of chimps going through a door at the back of the enclosure and then lots of staff members started running towards the area."

According to a zoo spokesperson, the decision to close the zoo was made "purely as a precaution" and none of the chimps had escaped into the public area.

The animals were returned to their enclosure and resumed their normal chimp activities: smoking cigarettes and roller-skating.

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