For far too long, the sweet, fluffy, buttery realm of cakes has been woman territory. Countless social situations have required tough guys talking sports to awkwardly shove sugary pink icing into their mouths. It's about time that more gatherings have cakes, and not the kind with flowers and sentimental messages written in cursive.

With help from the team at Mike's Amazing Cakes, we've dug up some amazing images of manly cakes. Whether it's for a birthday, bachelor party, wedding or other special occasion, these confectionary creations prove that baked goods can be works of art -- and they aren't just for girls anymore.

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Mantastic Cakes
Think cakes need to have your run-of-the-mill flowers and icing? Think again. Click to see our favorite cakes for guys ...

Mantastic Cakes

    Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. And from eating Yoda cakes.

    This cake is for those who enjoy the guilty pleasure of slicing up and devouring an innocent, moping puppy.

    Nothing represents a silver anniversary better then a classy cheeseburger cake. Bernie is one lucky man.

    He thought about ordering a Tequiza cake, but figured this one would give him more of a manly essence.

    A perfectly dorky tribute to a seriously dedicated gamer.

    If you invite a Yankees fan to this party, that Fenway cake might end up getting "accidentally" knocked to the ground (or thrown in someone's face).

    Sure, firemen are as burly and mantastic as it gets. But they still deserve to have their cake and eat it too.

    For the man whose mother never made him throw away his bottle cap collection. Or stop boozing.

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    We recommend keeping this Millennium Falcon cake at a safe distance from all Wookies.