Karolina Kurkova, the supermodel known for not having a navel, announced yesterday that her famously smooth belly is six months pregnant.

The father will be Archie Drury, a former marine and a Scientologist -- which is sort of a freaky combination. In fact, if you combine Drury's military skills and close personal relationship with Xenu with Kurkova's clearly mutant genes, their spawn could very well pose a threat to humanity.

So the least she can do, before endangering us all, is to pose for one of those semi-nude pregnant-lady magazine covers that semi-nude pregnant ladies are so fond of posing for.

Some shots that truly celebrate the miracle of life after the jump.

Demi Moore started the whole pregnant cover girl thing. We can debate whether pregnant women can be sexy forever, but it seemed to have caught the eye of a 13-year old Ashton Kutcher.
A sad reminder that Britney Spears has children.
Just like Britney, Christina Aguilera is a pop star, a former Mousketeer and a semi-nude pregnant cover girl
Monica Bellucci is attractive in any language or gestation period.
Come on, Halle, the whole idea is that you celebrate the miracle of life by getting more nude than that.
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