John Oates is many things: a solid citizen, a member of one of the most successful duos in music history, a father, a square dancer, a Philadelphia-area native and so much more. But most important, John Oates was once a Mustached American, and embraced the Mustached American lifestyle, before deserting it in a fit of shame and tears.

Despite that, he's got a great new album on the way entitled "1,000 Miles of Life" as well as a new animated show about his former life partner and mustache, "J-Stache." The concept is that John reunites with J-Stache -- his boozing, womanizing and slightly drug-addled mouth curtain (voiced by the always brilliant Dave Attell) -- to embark on adventures with varying in degrees of wholesomeness.

Before I could endorse these new endeavors, I needed Oates to set the record straight about his decision to depart from the ranks of the Mustached American people. Our historic interview can be experienced by clicking on the banner below (video, after the jump).

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