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Marni Kinrys is the owner and creator of The Wing Girl Method, an international dating coaching company for men looking to improve their skills and increase their attraction levels with women.

How would you describe your job?

A quick description of my job is that I pick up women for men. The longer version is that I am the owner and founder of the first female-run and operated company to be part of the Seduction Community.

So are you a pick-up artist?
Some have labeled me as a pick-up artist, but I describe myself as a female who truly understands what women want and articulate this information to men so that they can attract women. I am the female best friend. I am a Wing Girl.

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How did you get the idea for the Wing Girl Method?
I have always been friends with great awesome guys BUT when they got around attractive women they would become shells of themselves. It was then that I realized every male needs a female friend, and so I put an ad up on Craigslist.

From there, the Wing Girl Method has grown into a company with tons of services and products that offer men an inside look at the female mind and assistance and feedback directly from women.

What specific services do you offer?
My company offers a bunch of services but the most popular are the Two on One Wing Girl Outing, where two wing girls accompany a man at a social location and pick up women for him.

In the One on One Session, I work with people during the day on their approaches and get them over their fears of women by providing them with activities and exercises that help them get over their individual hump. We also do one-on-one phone-call coaching sessions and assistance in making a male's online interactions and presence more attractive to women.

What's your best pick-up tip for guys?

Be present, be confident and express comfort. That will entice most women.

For more Marni, check out The Wing Girl Method Web site.

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