GadgetCrave recently mused about the imminent transition from trackpad to touch screen, making the all-purpose HP Business Tablet the type of gadget we all may be tapping on in the future. For the sake of discussion, let's say you have a chance to touch that tablet now. Would you take one over an opportunity to get close with the sultry Chive girl Bianca Balti?

Business Tablet
Pro: Full keyboard functionality and stylus scribbling.
Con: Will get scratched, dropped, abused like nobody's business.
Pro: Beefy processor, lots of hard-drive space, thin and under 4 lbs.
Con: Will be replaced by something cooler in six months.

Bianca Balti
Pro: An Italian supermodel who likes bowling? She's perfect.
Con: Likes "Pride and Prejudice." No, not the one with zombies.
Pro: Wouldn't you just once like to date a girl who lives in New York, Paris, London and Milan?
Con: Will be replaced by the next hot model in six months.

After the jump, we have another Balti pic to aid your decision.