We've hit a strange time in Wookie-land. New Star Wars material from the Lucas factory seems to be thinning out. Could it be that interest in the galaxy far, far away is finally being overtaken by the Star Trek franchise?

Fear not, courtesy of Retro Thing, we've found a nerdgasmic treat: Super 8 home movies shot behind the scenes at California's Industrial Light and Magic. The shots include all the FX staff who worked in the background when doing everything with software just wasn't an option. There's a lot of clowning around, but some cool bits, like the filming of a TIE Fighter model getting blown to bits in front of a blue screen.

If you need even more new Star Wars stuff, "Robot Chicken" just released their second Star Wars parody on DVD, available now for $13. Check out some scenes with Boba Fett, after the jump.