Things got out of hand in the South Korean Parliament Tuesday when lawmakers took the debate over a bill on media reform into their own hands -- both open and closed-fisted.

One woman parliamentarian was injured in the melee, and if you if you think you've seen this before, it's because these types of throw-downs occur in South Korea's National Assembly about once a year.

After the jump, the latest political fisticuffs from SK, and other great parliamentarian brawls from around the world.

Another fight from South Korea. This one vaguely reminds us of the Nintendo game "Kung Fu."

The only parliament that brawls as much as South Korea's is Taiwan's.

This Bolivian free-for-all includes soccer-style chanting.

Africa represents.

If you watch this entire confrontation between Czech ministers, you are treated to quite the "Ghostbusters" surprise.

Despite our propensity for violence and dirty politics, America has a short roster of great legislative brawls. Sure, Congressmen Preston Brooks once viciously beat Senator Charles Sumner with a gold-tipped cane in the Senate chambers, but that incident took place long before YouTube. So we are left with this pathetic showing from a lowly city-council meeting.

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