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Footage of Megan Fox (and her exposed back) in "Jonah Hex" screened at Comic Con. (UGO)

Jon Favreau revealed War Machine in the first footage from "Iron Man 2." (/Film)

Marvel announced which characters will appear in "The Avengers." (io9)

Rihanna and Chris Brown may have had a secret hotel rendezvous. (Daily Fill)

Ashton Kutcher claims Mischa Barton is "doing great." (Popeater)

Cameron Diaz will join Seth Rogen in "The Green Hornet." (Radar Online)

Gary Oldman confirmed that the next Batman film will begin shooting next year. (FilmDrunk)

Lucy Lawless offered a peek at "Spartacus" at Comic Con. (Actress Archives)

Katie Holmes
showed off her dance moves on "So You Think You Can Dance?" (The Blemish)

Here's 10 of the sexiest Comic Con videos. (Unreality Mag)