Have you guys heard of this actress, Megan Fox? She's in the "Transformers" movie and she's super-hot and -- oh, you have heard of her already? Maybe that's because we, the media, have been covering her every weird thumb, geek-shunning, supposed bisexuality, Star Wars-T-shirt wearing, and sexy photo taken.

But on August 4, that all changes, as Asylum bands together with the other manly sites of the Web in an Internet-wide media ban on all things Megan Fox.

Also participating: AskMen, Boobie Blog, Whip It Out Comedy, Banned in Hollywood, Double Viking, On205th, I Heart Chaos, Yep Yep, Just a Guy Thing, The Bachelor Guy, and Asylum UK, Australia, France and Germany. If you are a member of the media who would like to join the Day Without Megan Fox movement, or you have a suggestion for the next starlet to take over the Internet, email us! In the meantime, check out the Twitter tag #NoMF for all your Day Without Megan Fox news and updates!


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