There's nothing we like better here at Asylum than a highly dangerous and pointless record attempt. Fortunately we have a good one to report today, and therefore have no need to push a gullible workmate off our roof in an attempt to break the world homemade-bungee-cord record.

Tyler Bradt, an extreme sportsman, recently plunged more than 180 feet from a waterfall in a kayak, smashing the previous world record. The amazing thing? He lived to tell the tale.

Bradt spent weeks planning a "safe" way to throw himself over the Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington. The fall itself, shown in a video just released to the media, only took four seconds and is pretty dramatic stuff, but don't worry -- the only thing Brandt broke in the fall was his paddle.

"I actually expected more of an impact," he told the Seattle Times after the stunt. "Considering the waterfall, the injuries were pretty minor."

The previous world record was held by Pedro Olivia, who managed a paltry 127 feet by descending a waterfall in Brazil.

Check out the video after the jump.