Amid our thorough research into the ups and downs, ins and outs of of the bedroom-poster landscape, we feel our expertise on the subject is nearly complete.

After pouring our hearts out to our great crushes of the 1980s and 1990s -- scintillating decades without a doubt -- we can now declare with 99.9 percent certainty that the 1970s were the best years for awesome pin-ups. From ass-kicking, take-no-prisoners bombshells to bionic babes to the seminal poster woman of all-time -- Farrah Fawcett -- the '70s kicked off a craze that, in the new millennium, has transcended paper and pushpins. Think we're wrong? Let us know in the comments.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=676347&pid=676346&uts=1248817579
'70s Crushes
Check out Stevie Nicks and 24 other classic 1970s pin-ups.
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70s Crushes

    25. Katharine Ross

    After playing memorable love interests in "The Graduate" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," Ross went on to star in a number of flops. But her role in cult hit "The Stepford Wives" reminded moviegoers why Dustin Hoffman chose her over Mrs. Robinson.

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    24. The Runaways

    The lineup was a "who's who" of future rock goddess -- Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and The Bangles' Micki Steele were just some of the members -- and the tough-gal crushes of scores of wannabe rock kids. Plus, they were way easier on the eyes than The Ramones.

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    23. Linda Ronstadt

    Believe it or not, there was a time when Linda Ronstadt rocked hard. During her "Heart Like a Wheel" days, Rondstadt was dubbed the "Queen of Rock" and became the crush of every young music fan with her puppy dog eyes, killer smile and soaring vocals. Plus, unlike KISS, you could play her records in the house without getting in trouble.

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    22. Susan Dey

    "The Partridge Family" wouldn't have been the same without Dey's dewy, fresh-faced beauty and ace keyboard playing. Plus, she kept that annoying Bonaduce in check.

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    21. Goldie Hawn

    Long before her daughter polluted theaters with unwatchable romantic comedies, Hawn played the adorable ditzy blonde in films like "Shampoo" and "Foul Play." Goldie in her heyday is far, far preferable to anything in "Bride Wars."

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    20. Ali MacGraw

    "Love Story" might have made MacGraw every sensitive guy's crush, but it was "man's man" Steve McQueen who nabbed her heart after she ditched producer hubby Robert Evans on the set of "The Getaway." Turns out love means having to say you're sorry to Robert Evans.

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    19. Suzanne Somers

    Before she became the Thighmaster queen, Suzanne was our ultimate sitcom crush as bubble-headed Chrissy on "Three's Company." So great was Chrissy's appeal, producers replaced her with two other blondes -- equally ditzy cousin Cindy and somewhat less ditzy Terri -- after Somers was canned over contract issues.

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    18. Adrienne Barbeau

    Barbeau's ample, uh, talents first got noticed opposite Bea Arthur on "Maude." Next, Barbeau's talents turned up everywhere from "The Love Boat" to a highly sought-after poster. And thus, Barbeau's talents were cemented in the pop culture firmament.

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    17. Barbi Benton

    Before the "Girls Next Door" there was Barbi Benton, Playboy cover girl and Hugh Hefner arm candy. Benton first made a name for herself as Hef's gal pal, and later as one of the sole reasons to watch "Hee Haw." (Benton helped inspire the term "jiggle TV" with her role on the short-lived rock sitcom "Sugar Time" by, well, jiggling a lot.) And, of course, she was a regular on "The Love Boat." Kendra Wilkinson wishes she had Barbi's resume.


    16. Jacqueline Bisset

    1977's "The Deep" wasn't exactly "Jaws," but Bisset cavorting around in a wet T-shirt sans bra certainly helped its box office take. Producer Peter Guber credits Bisset's see-through tee for making him rich, and its appearance on the movie poster left an indelible impression. Hopefully Hollywood will cast someone worthy of Bisset's talents for the inevitable 3-D remake.

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