You think your 'hood serves up the manliest grub in the nation? Maybe it's the Suckling Pig Roast or the Block-Long Buffet, or even the International House of Corn Syrup Slurpees? Be a hero and nominate the manliest restaurant in your neck of the woods, and help us help America.

In the next three weeks, we're going to bestow the soon-to-be-legendary title of "Manliest Restaurant in the United States." Have no fear, we take this task very seriously. We've been asking renowned food writers, bloggers, authors and Thor for their picks on the restaurants that most accurately reflect testosterone-driven cuisine, nay, aesthetic.

Now we're going straight to the source: each and every one of you. We're not just looking for burgers the size of hubcaps or greasy spoons with fire hoses that shoot nacho cheese. We're looking for joints that that guys just love, for any reason you can think up such as steakhouses with twists, taco trucks of unparalleled quality and calories -- places at which you're proud to eat. Dining establishments where an Alaskan crab fisherman, a Klingon or Tom Skerritt would want to plunk down cash and have their guts stuffed.

Email your nominations to our copy monkey:

Then come on back: We're going to be announcing the 20 best, most mantastic restaurants all across the country. You'll then vote and decide the Manliest Restaurant in America. Quite the responsibility, no?

(It's like Miss America, only with a bacon tiara.)