Just because you're lusting after one of the chosen people doesn't mean she's gonna choose you back. Luckily, writer Shari Albert was kind enough to tell us what lines to avoid when wooing a sexy Semite. (And, no, Madonna doesn't count.)

10. "Do you like your 'meat' cut, or uncut?"
Are you trying to be cute and ask us if we like our guys circumcised or not? Stop it. Besides, it doesn't really matter unless you're strictly kosher.

9. "Want to play 'hide the Afikomin'?"
The Afikomen is Matzoh, which is tasteless, fattening and constipating. It's best not to equate this with your penis.

8. "You don't look like you're Jewish."
What does a "Jewish girl" look like? Does she have horns, or a wig cut in an unflattering bob? Does she wear knee-length denim skirts and long sleeves in the summer time?

Read the top 7 things not to say to a Jewish girl after the jump.

7. "Is that your real nose?"
This will get you REAL far on a date. Try it!

6. "401(k)? What's that?"
Kidding ... no Jewish girl would ever date a guy who says this.

5. "Can I call you the 'other white meat'?"
I happen to love bacon, but perhaps not everyone would like to be referred to as a pork product.

4. "Why don't Jewish Girls like to give BJs?"
You know, my boyfriend is very grateful I never got the memo on this one. I'd love to find out who started this ugly rumor and why. My bet is it was a sexually frustrated goy boy.

3. "Isn't Passover, like, your Easter?"
Not even close.

2. "Do all Jewish girls have big boobs?"

1. "Are you allowed to go out Friday nights?"
I don't know, can you turn out the lights for me as I shut the door so it hits your ass?

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