NFL training camp starts this week, and one thing that will be different than previous years -- other than Matt Leinart now being MMA-trained in clipboard-holding -- is that several teams will be taking advantage of the league's decision to relax rules on practice jersey advertising.

The New York Giants grabbed Timex as a sponsor, meaning all Giants players will now be sporting a Timex patch when being photographed or interviewed by the media. This is a conflict for quarterback Eli Manning, who hawks for Timex competitor Citizen Eco-Drive. Manning has refused to wear the jerseys in interviews, even though the Timex patch is much smaller than the Flavor Flav-style neck clock we understand Timex originally wanted him to wear.

Seriously, we're a little bit worried about the slippery slope of player-billboards getting out of control. And, let's not forget, if the NFL goes NASCAR for regular season wear, seeing your favorite squad attempt to mount a drive unsuccessfully will take on a special irony if they're brandishing a big Viagra logo. What do you think?