As media professionals, we understand how tough it can be to be, even though on our best days we're merely lobbing spit balls. So we have some sympathy for the lady journalists of the world who have to do everything we do plus look hot doing it. Not that that'll stop us from lobbing gobs at them as well.

Delve with us, if you will, into the world of hot journalists. The roundup includes everything from short skirts on pogo sticks and wet T-shirt contests to creepy, titillating YouTube compilations of crossing and uncrossing legs. It's Asylum's countdown of the 19 hottest female newscasters in America.

19. Catherine Bosley -- (Action News 19) Catherine Bosley was an anchor in Youngstown, Ohio, until she went on vacation to Key West, got drunk and stripped completely naked in a wet T-shirt contest. Of course, with the Internet being what it is, a video made it online and went viral. Bosley resigned her post and now works for Action News 19 in Cleveland. Interesting tidbit: Sharon Reed (who got naked for a news segment) interviewed Bosley about her "scandal" in a piece titled "Naked News." We were shocked and depressed when we couldn't find a video of this interview on YouTube.

18. Liz Cho -- (WABC) Recognized in 2003 by People magazine as one of their 50 Most Beautiful People, Liz Cho has managed to gather a healthy following of YouTubers who apparently get off on her talking about murder.

17. Natalie Morales -- (NBC) Natalie Morales, national correspondent for "Today," looks just like a Stepford wife -- and we're lovin' it.

16. Robin Meade -- (CNN) Robin Meade may be the the anchor of the eponymous show "Morning Express With Robin Meade" and she may have covered the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for CNN, but what really impressed us is that she too works in a miniskirt and, as this YouTuber noticed, has great legs.

15. Megyn Kelly -- (FOX News) Who knows how this Aryan blonde bombshell made it on Fox News. Just kidding, Fox News looks like they got their staff from a Southern sorority.

14. Julie Banderas -- Lady newscasters must hate "tribute videos" such as this cleverly titled, porno-music filled, slow-mo video, "julie banderas legs."

13. Jane Skinner -- (Fox News) Skinner may be the co-anchor of "Happening Now" and producer of the Skinnerville segment on "Studio B with Shepard Smith," yet the most famous entry on her résumé is a gaffe that launched a thousand YouTube videos. Two words: "Top cock."

12. Sharon Tay -- (CBS 2) Another victory for those who love local news and low-cut tops.
(Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images)
11. Jillian Barberie -- (FOX) Playboy proved long ago that if a woman is hot enough, she can pose in swimsuits and lingerie regardless of her profession. Thank you, Jillian Barberie, for helping to bring this trend to broadcast journalism. Your contributions have not gone overlooked on the Internet.
(Greg DeGuire, Getty Images)

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