10. Erin Burnett -- (CNBC) Not since the Lewinsky scandal have more people been turned on by the news.

9. Kiran Chetry -- (CNN) Kiran Chetry anchors "American Morning" and has interviewed such heavyweights as first lady Laura Bush and John McCain. She has also tackled the tough topics like pogo sticks and phoning while bathing. Kiran's work has led us to conclude that the news always sounds better when the anchor wears a miniskirt.

8. Nancy O'Dell -- (NBC) Nancy O'Dell currently co-anchors "Access Hollywood" and contributes to NBC's "Today" and "Dateline." She has proven the old adage that if you're a mom and a celebrity, you're qualified to write a book on being a mom.
(Frazer Harrison, Getty Images)

7. Sharon Reed -- (Action News 19)
Sharon Reed is a local news journalist in Cleveland who caused a stir in 2004 by reporting nude on Spencer Tunick's "Naked States" project. Her report, called "Body of Art," was heavily promoted and was one of the most-watched news stories of the year. We at Asylum admire her stunt-journalism pluck, among other things.

6. Amy Robach -- (MSNBC)
Meet Amy Robach, former beauty queen and current daytime anchor for MSNBC. She's covered the war in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2004 Presidential Election. While she may have been named one of "The Most Powerful People in Washington, D.C.," by Regardie's Power magazine, we think that shot on the left suggests she'd make a powerful force on the hood of a car in a Winger video.

5. Lauren Sanchez -- (Formerly KTVK-TV, Extra, and Fox Sports Net) Emmy-nominated Lauren Sanchez is known for hosting "So You Think You Can Dance," as well as numerous sports and entertainment shows. Perhaps she's not a "news journalist," but lay off, you scoop snobs, and consider the more important story: Would you rather date Sanchez or an award-winner from The New York Times?

4. Carmen Dominicci -- (Univision) We thought about excluding Univision from the contest as it is clear that Latinos are playing in a whole other league when it comes to newscaster beauties. But we realized that to do so would be racism on par with Snoop Dogg's accusation that "Girls Gone Wild" doesn't feature enough women of color. We found that unacceptable.
(Rodrigo Varela, Getty Images)

3. Jill Nicolini -- (CW) For most news reporters you have to scour the Web for sexy photos or watch creepy YouTube montages. For traffic reporter Jill Nicolini, you just need a Playboy subscription.
(Image from Jillnicolini.com)

2. Erica Hill -- (CNN) According to her CNN bio, "Erica Hill is a news anchor for 'Headline News' and hosts the network's 'Prime News With Erica Hill.'" Hill also provides news updates for "Anderson Cooper 360," such as this important piece on dog adoption. What her biography fails to note is that she kind of looks like a super-hot anime character.
(Image from CNN)

1. Barbara Bermudo -- (Univision) If you needed a reason to learn Spanish, now you have one. This Puerto Rican beauty makes us wish that all of the news channels would take a page from Univision's playbook and hire ferociously hot Latinas.
(Michael Loccisano, Getty Images)

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