In what sounds like some sort of sick Ben Franklin experiment, a lightning bolt struck a British bricklayer directly in the ear, sending 300,000 volts of electricity through him before exiting through his left ankle. The man lived to tell the tale.

Brad Gifford, 38, was out walking his cocker spaniels around a lake when a thunderstorm struck. He and his friend took refuge under a tree when, suddenly, lightning struck Gifford in his right ear, knocking him unconscious and causing his chest to burst into flames.

"The only thing I remember doing is driving to the lake after work on Friday," Gifford said. "I don't remember any bang or being hit." He was rushed to the hospital and treated for shattered eardrums and burns on his shoulder, groin and left leg.

Gifford is now recovering at home, where he is otherwise unaffected by the lightning strike. Too bad. We were kind of hoping he'd gain the superhuman ability to hear people's thoughts.

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