It's August now, and as we've noted, 'tis the season for some pretty desperate news coverage. Witness the recent glare of attention on wingnut "Birthers," the conspiracy theorists who submitted a forgery less convincing than a Mad Lib to a court as evidence of the President's Kenyan origin.

Ah, but August has just begun, and tomorrow's TV news time-waster is now percolating somewhere on the Internet. Our money is on this recent report, claiming that Jesus himself (not his publicist) actually divulged the name of the Anti-Christ, and it's Barack Obama.

I know what you're thinking. No television news organization would put something that crazy on the air. Especially not an outfit like CNN, which, according to lake-of-fire-hot Campbell Brown, is the only network doing journalism these days.

Well, you'd be wrong. One of the news networks already covered the "Is Obama the Anti-Christ?" story last August. After the jump, see which bastion of journalism entertained the apocalyptic query last year, and vote on which news organization will crack and do it this year.

Billie at Daily Dose dug this video up, one of several that CNN aired on the subject:

Is it us, or does CNN seem to be taking the existence of the Anti-Christ at face value here? According to the "Best Political Team on Television," the question isn't whether the literal Pale Rider exists, but simply what his name is.

Despite the fact that the Bible predicted Barack Obama's electoral victory, there will be some who find this theory compelling. Here's the video that lays it all out:

Wait, did Jesus just reveal the name of Satan's minion, or give us a weather report? This isn't even worth a trip to

So, which network will become desperate enough to run this story? The narrator's declaration of "I report, you decide" seems to be a plea for air time on Fox News. However, we're betting that running an Anti-Christ story is a lot like sleeping with your girlfriend's sister: a lot easier the second time around. CNN is our guess.