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More topless pics of Vanessa Hudgens have allegedly surfaced. Could be Vanessa, could be some random girl. Either way, NSFW. (Don Chavez)

Jennifer Love Hewitt
really wants to play Wonder Woman. (Bam! Kapow!)

Juliette Lewis talked about her relationship (and smoking pot) with Brad Pitt. (The Blemish)

The red band trailer for "Zombieland" is pretty darn fun. (/Film)

Paula Abdul reportedly wanted $20 million to stay on "American Idol." (Anything Hollywood)

Lindsay Lohan is joining Steven Seagal, Robert De Niro, and Danny Trejo in the "Machete" movie. (FilmDrunk)

Leighton Meester denied the sex tape rumors that have been floating around. (Actress Archives)

Michael Vick threw some footballs with high schoolers. (With Leather)

Is this Apple's internal memo to Steve Jobs? (Holy Taco)