In Australia, a brand-new political party with a controversial name is attempting to shake up and titillate the status quo.

The Sex Party was launched last year, but it was only a few days ago that Australia's electoral commission ruled that its name was not obscene, and cleared it to run candidates. While the party only has 3,000 members, its leaders believe this newly declared legitimacy will make the Sex Party a factor in national elections.

However, political scientist Geoff Cockfield (really) doubts the party will make a dent, and dismisses its agenda of preventing government censorship of the Internet and ensuring the sexual rights of the disabled, among other sex-related reforms, as "tilting at windmills."

But there is little doubt that this new party will be a bonanza for headline writers, who can now have all sorts of fun with phrases like "screwing the voters" and "orgy of corruption."

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