Do you hear that? It's creeping up, growing louder, sounding almost like Babe Ruth's hot-dog-fueled flatulence: It's the sound of New York Yankee fans chests filling with air, after a four-game sweep of their arch-nemesis the Red Sox over the weekend.

If you know a Yankee fans, you've probably already heard that the Bronx Bombers are now going to run away with the division and spank all AL competitors in the playoffs, en route to a World Series dismantling of the defending champs down I-95 or the lightweights from L.A. They're already staking out a spot for the parade, which will celebrate the 27th Yankees' title (they loooove bringing up that number), where crowds will once again be able to bask in the divine light emanating from the victorious (and well-traveled) loins of Derek Jeter.

Either you've heard this already or you soon will. So, are Yankee fans the most arrogant? Weigh in on our poll. And if we've missed a faction of truly unbearable fans, let us know in the comments.