If there's one thing video games are known for, it's their misrepresentation of the female form. Play any fighting game and you'll see ladies with gravity-defying melons bigger than actual melons. It's gotten so bad that many gamers have to be sat on their parent's knee and explained that, yes, in fact, real women do have rib cages.

The exploitation of pubescent males' raging hormones does, however, have its benefits. For example, you are now capable of tackling our "Guess That Chest" exam -- where your knowledge of polygonal sweater puppies will be put to the test.

Find out how you "stack" up after the jump.

Guess That Chest

    Samus of Metroid


    Felicia of DarkStalkers


    Kasumi of Dead Or Alive


    King Hippo of Tyson's Punch Out!!


    Tomb Raider's Lara Croft

    Eidos Interactive

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