We're on a mission to find the manliest restaurant in America, and you're going to help us. Every day this week, we're celebrating drool-inducing chow bunkers from the four regions of our proud nation (South, Northeast, Midwest and West) for a total of 20 nominees.

Who decides which restaurant is the manliest? You do.Vote Here for the one makes you want to dislodge your jaw like a python.

We also want to hear which joints you think we missed. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Next week, we're going to award one restaurant with Asylum's Manliest Restaurant Award. And then this argument will be over. Vote now, vote often.

1. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Steel City Pizza and Sandwich Company
Location: Erie, Penn.
Award: Most Spiced Animal on a Bun

Steel City's pizzas are massive hubcaps of cheese and meat, but the real prizes are the calorie-laden hoagies, including the epic Triple Bypass which, and we doth quote, is "three all-beef patties, ham, salami, pepperoni, cappicola, provolone and American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and oil or mayo."
Fun Fact: If the Triple Bypass sounds like diet food, you could also try their delightfully named Body Bag hoagie, which includes French fries, fried eggs and hot sauce.

2. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Ray's The Steaks
Location: Arlington, Va.
Award: Best Chunk of Cow-to-Buck Ratio
The name of this steakhouse is a pun, and you know why the owners can resort to puns? Because Ray's The Steaks will own your mouth. They can make all the bad jokes they want -- you'll be too busy Hoovering their cuts to care. This affordable house of meat is one of the best inside the Beltway, if not the country. The proof is in the bone-marrow pudding, which is actually pure, beefy fat.
Jason Storch of DCfoodies.com raves: "Perfectly cooked, flavorful and the best damned steak deal in the area, period."

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3. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Kuma's Corner
Location: Chicago
Award: Best Head-Bangiest Burgers
Kuma's Corner will not take crap from you or anyone. There are stated ways to behave at this burger hotspot that names it's burgers after heavy-metal bands. The burgers are loaded down with every conceivable topping you could want. So that's one Metallica, one Iron Maiden and one Goblin Cock?
Julia Kramer of Time Out Chicago says, "The ass-to-elbows crowd of dudes is here for the massive burgers like the Slayer, a pile of fries topped with a half-pound burger, chili, cherry peppers, Andouille, onions and Jack cheese, on a pretzel bun. "

4. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Omar's Highway Chef

Location: Tucson, Ariz.

Award: Best Truck Stop Slop
Omar's is just the oasis of fat and protein weary roadsters dream about while nodding off at the wheel. It's a diner on crack, and we dare you to inhale the I-10 breakfast: three eggs, three bacon strips, two sausage patties, ham, hash browns and two pancakes. Why bother with the diet plate? Go and get it with biscuits and gravy.
Fun Fact: This roadside depot of grease lives at The Triple T, one of the last remaining independently owned truck stops in the country. Corporate mini-mart, you've just been served.