Some jokers over in Germany, who also peddle such novelty items as the tape-measure boxers and the boobie beer cooler, are getting everyone up in arms over their water-soluble bikini. The string bikini is, of course, designed to fall apart within three minutes of contact with water.

Which is hilarious in theory, but what women do you know who would wear a random bikini given to them by someone who dislikes them enough to want them humiliated in a public pool?

Last we checked, the ladies tend to be pretty picky about bathing suits. (The odds aren't much better for getting some poor sap to don the tight, skimpy water soluble trunks.)

Still, there must be some use for such a titillating invention. Exotic porno? Candid camera show reactions? Rehabilitating the swimming-with-clothes-on fetishists?

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