Paintball guns, the only weapons that haven't yet turned up at a town hall meeting, have taken center stage in a battle between residents of Durham, N.C., and speeding motorists.

The peeved citizens formed the Angry Neighbors With Paintball Guns association and posted signs around town, warning drivers to slow down or risk being pelted with paintballs. So far, the group has been "amazed and gratified by the reaction."

"We received numerous requests from individuals who wish to receive their own copies of our sign," said a member of the group who preferred to remain anonymous. "We clearly touched a nerve in the city of Durham."

Kammie Michael, a spokeswoman for the Durham police department, said that officers have increased patrols in the area, but warned that shooting paint balls at moving vehicles is unlawful and dangerous.

Paintball guns should only be used in designated paintball areas, where repressed office drones can safely take out their rage on co-workers.

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