Riding the subway can be a pretty grim experience, especially in the summer months when the heat and the smells associated with rising temperatures attack the senses of wary commuters.

But travelers on New York City's L Train were surely distracted from all that unpleasantness when a completely nude 19-year-old actress entered their subway car and started pole dancing and posing suggestively.

It wasn't the first flash of skin that city straphangers have had this month -- just two weeks ago, some activist women went topless on the A train to raise awareness of breasts (or something like that).

The latest installation was the brainchild of photographer Zach Hyman, whose current project is taking pictures of nude New Yorkers in public settings.

So how does the public react to being used as an unknowing prop in Hyman's art? Well, it depends entirely on the model's sex. "People see a naked woman and they smile," Hyman explained. "They see a penis and they freak out."

Words both genders should always remember.