We're on a mission to find the manliest restaurant in America, and you're going to help us. Every day this week, we're presenting drool-inducing chow bunkers from the four regions of our proud nation (South, Northeast, Midwest and West) for a total of 20 nominees.

Who decides which restaurant is the manliest? You do. Vote Here for which one makes you want to dislodge your jaw like a python.

We also want to hear which joints you think we missed. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Next week, we're going to award one restaurant with Asylum's Manliest Restaurant Award. And then this argument will be over. Vote now, vote often, do your duty.

1. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Mothers Restaurant
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Award: Best Po'boy That'll Make You Want Mo'boy
This factory of feasts goes through 175,000 pounds of ham and roast beef a year. Swoon. They make a small army of po-boys, the amazing New Orleans French bread sandwiches, and if you want, you can have "debris" on them. Which are gravy-soaked roast beef shavings. Beef. Shavings.
Colleen Kane of colleenkane.com writes: "Meaty = man food, as does complete disregard for health in favor of flavor."

2. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Texas Wieners
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Award: Best Marriage Of Cheese And Sausage
You want a hot dog? Tough. This corner favorite has dogs as huge and unhealthy as the state of Texas itself. And that's just the meaty baseline: pile on cheese, onions, peppers, heart attacks, and what you get is a truly glorious, nitrate-rich experience.
Fun Fact: Originally created by Greek immigrants over eighty years ago, Texas Wieners stays true to it's roots: get a dog suffocated with gooey feta cheese.

3. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Zeitgeist
Location: San Fran
Award: Best Reason to Fight a Mob For a Burger
You want a burger? Well, do you punk? Then you better shout your order loudly at this rowdy burger spot with a great garden, bloody Mary's, and of course, burgers. These patties are the real San Francisco treat. And as if to answer prayers, The Tamale Lady shows up at 7PM.
Davina Baum of Chow writes: "When hunger strikes the hamburgers and home fries do the trick (if you can hear your name barked over the din)"

4. Manly Restaurant Nominee: Hill Top Inn
Location: Evansville Indiana
Award: The Smartest Fried Sandwich
In the old German part of Evansville is the quaint Hilltop Inn, where you can get a plate of delicious comfort food. You can also get a bowl of "burgoo" which is an Irish stew that's basically "liquid meat." Or... you could get a fried brain sandwich. Zombie want.
Fun Fact: What do you put on a fried brain sandwich? That's easy: mustard, onions, and pickles. And dreams.