Not to offend anyone, but we just learned the average profile of a gamer is 35, overweight and depressed, and now we're crying into our bowl of Cocoa Puffs and Red Bull. At least you can get a slender Sony Playstation 3 ($300) to make your Wii look like a lardass. The new, skinny PS3 has 120 GB, and most other hardware is the same as existing models.

The new model will consume over 30 percent less energy, as will you because you'll stay indoors gaming all night.

This comes on the heels of news from Slashdot that the hardware failure rate for the Xbox 360 is 54 percent, as opposed to 11 percent for the PS3 and 7 percent for the Wii. That's right, Microsoft, you're currently pumping out the Yugo of consoles. [via Switched]