She may be a mild-mannered receptionist by day, but it was Justine Faeth's voracious appetite for "Law and Order" that helped her apprehend a long-time criminal.

When she heard that her office had suffered a bold midday robbery of a wallet and personal electronics, Faeth remembered that an unidentified man had just asked for a cup of water, which he drank from before leaving behind.

"When they are trying to get DNA from a suspect on 'SVU' and that person is unwilling to give them a sample, they trick them into drinking water and then use that as evidence," Faeth explained.

At first the police dismissed her, saying they only use DNA samples in murders and rapes. But the next day they reversed their course, and found the DNA collected from the cup matched Kevin Moore, who was in the database for committing 10 similar robberies.

On a personal note, let us know if you can think of any profession that wouldn't be made hotter by the addition of the adjective "crime-fighting."

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